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Quality paving and surface repairs for your commercial property are essential in making it both safe and attractive. An excellent paving and repair job can make all the difference to your property. Therefore, choosing an excellent paving company is of utmost importance in getting the quality that you are looking for.

JVR Construction Inc. is one of the most trusted and experienced paving companies in Edmonton, providing excellent products and services for all of your commercial paving and repair needs. We do both asphalt and concrete surfacing, with a focus on quality and excellent service. If you need expert advice for your paving or repair project, call us today for a consultation!

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JVR Construction Inc. prides itself on its commitment to quality and providing client-oriented services. We understand our clients’ need for value, working with them to develop effective solutions for commercial projects.

Our projects are completed in a timely and efficient manner to help lower costs for our customers while ensuring that projects are completed on time. We achieve this through the use of advanced technology and having highly-skilled staff that will guide you throughout.

As a client-oriented company, JVR Construction Inc. is dedicated to providing quality services. To assist in this, we provide support to clients in a number of ways including:


  • Direct contact information
  • 24/7 open line of communication
  • Quick response time for your queries
  • Expertise with respect to the unique needs of Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary and nearby areas

Parking Lots Paving

JVR Construction Inc. has a tremendous amount of experience in parking lot paving and resurfacing. Paving a parking lot is not as simple as just laying down some asphalt or concrete – it involves detailed planning and expertise regarding factors such as thickness, base depth and correct design of the paved surface, depending on weight distribution and traffic flow.

Our team has the knowledge, experience and know-how to conduct a full assessment of your parking lot project and come up with an excellent design plan for your needs.

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When you need help with your next commercial pavement project, our asphalt company in Edmonton should be your top choice. At JVR Construction Inc, we’re ready to get started on your project today. 

New Parking Lot Development

If you are looking to build a new parking lot on your commercial premises, you can trust JVR Construction Inc. to deliver a quality product that is customized to your needs.

Constructing a new parking lot can be overwhelming, as it requires detailed engineering, design and material selection. These factors depend on the nature and intended use of the lot. Building a quality parking lot that will hold up over time and provide optimal functionality requires consultation with experts that are experienced in the craft.

JVR Construction Inc. has many years of experience and expertise in designing and constructing new parking lots in the Edmonton area. We have worked with both large and small businesses and companies, always focusing on the needs and goals of our clients. We work with you to deliver excellence. So call us today to get started on your parking lot project!

Different Types of Curbs

Do you need a curb for your commercial property? We provide a broad range of concrete services in Edmonton and can handle various design specifications.

Barrier Curbs

Each of these types of curbs can come in various shapes, depending on factors such as construction cost, purpose and preferences. Barrier curbs, also known as straight curbs, are similar to stone slabs that were initially used to prevent cars from passing through various sections.

Commercial Roads

Looking for road repair contractors near you? We can handle any size of commercial or municipal projects by utilizing our high-tech portable asphalt plant.

JVR Construction Inc. is an industry leader due to our broad range of resources, meaning you can trust us for on-time project completion. Our experts understand that every asphalt job has its unique needs and design specifications.

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So, how will you know that we are one of the most efficient concrete contractors Edmonton, Alberta has to offer? We will give you a warranty! Client satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we always use skilled personnel and high-standard material and equipment.

Additionally, we guarantee that we will complete your project in adherence to industry standards and the distinctive requirements of your property.

When you need help with your next commercial pavement project, our asphalt company in Edmonton should be your top choice. At JVR Construction Inc, we’re ready to get started on your project today. 

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