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Are you ready for the winter season? It pays to be prepared for how to deal with the removal of heavy snowfall on your premises. For the best results, seek the services of our commercial snow removal in Edmonton and have us on speed dial when winter approaches. With winter comes chilly temperatures, snowfalls and icy wind.

Although an essential task, choosing the best snow removal company might be moderately challenging to many people in Red Deer, Edmonton and across Alberta. Fortunately, JVR Construction Inc. provides top-notch snow removal services in Edmonton. We are backed by years of experience, responsiveness and exceptional dependability.

We Offer Snow Removal Services Edmonton-Wide

There are many advantages to hiring a local snow-removal contractor. First and foremost, a local company will reach your place within the shortest time, especially during emergencies. Additionally, a local company is more likely to have experience in the various dynamics of your region.

Safety must also be a top priority, as any form of carelessness can lead to property damage, irritated tenants and legal liabilities. A construction company will remove the snow without causing any disturbances or damage to your property.

Questions to Ask Our Snow Removal Company

When you’re selecting an efficient company to remove snow from your properties, it’s significant to determine their trustworthiness, capability and the custom-made strategy they have for your needs.

It’s fundamental to ask questions, such as:

  • How quick is the response to an emergency?
  • What goes into the cost of services?
  • How many years of experience do they have in the business?
  • How many other clients in your area do they serve?
  • What triggers a service? What depth of the snow will prompt immediate action?
  • What happens to the snow after clearing?
  • In case of high demand or equipment failure, is there a backup plan?
  • Are there enough employees and equipment to guarantee uninterrupted service?

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When you need help with your next commercial pavement project, our asphalt company in Edmonton should be your top choice. At JVR Construction Inc, we’re ready to get started on your project today. 

The Average Time of Response

Ask yourself: Is our company ready to attend to you during emergencies? At JVR, you’ll be glad to know that our snow removal company will arrive at your property right on time.

A good company should have a competitive turnaround time so that the snow doesn’t inconvenience you, your loved ones, employees, or tenants for too long.

Additionally, the right company should be flexible enough to accommodate your off-hour schedule.

In the case that you need a snow removal company for a commercial or a rental building, you want to hire a company that can do the job within tight timelines under minimal supervision.

It’s also crucial for your snow removal agreement to have a section that addresses emergency services. With this assurance, you’ll have peace of mind during your vulnerable moments.

You deserve the best snow removal company Edmonton-wide for a comprehensive supply of services that are custom-made for your needs. When it comes to delivering the very best in snow removal services, JVR Construction Inc. has you covered.

Comprehensiveness of Snow Removal Services

Inquire about what services you will get and what you will not get before making an agreement with a snow removal company. Not all companies offer precisely the same kind of services. For instance, other than clearing the parking lot, you might want to know whether they remove snow from entrances, outdoor stairs, pavements and the roof of your property. Additionally, you might want to see whether they haul the snow or spray deicers.

Do you need snow plowing or snow removal? While plowing removes the snow out of your way, snow removal goes a step further to lug the snow further away. Thus, snow removal is more costly since it needs additional equipment and labour. However, you’ll get offers from our commercial snow removal services since we often provide discounts for returning customers.

Dependable Insurance

Other than the assurance that their employees have the right training and experience, you want to hire a company with a dependable insurance status. We offer insurance of up to 5 million in liability, with full WCB coverage.

Working with a contractor who has no insurance cover puts you at risk of liability in case of an accident. Thus, ask for proof of insurance, which should cover the company’s employees, you and your property and public accountability.

At JVR Construction Inc., our experts adhere to the industry’s safety standards and regulations. When you call us, you’ll be able to concentrate on other matters without undermining your property’s safety features. Just leave the snow removal task to our professionals!

Keep in mind that accidents may still occur during snow removal. However, you’ll always be covered in such cases. There are several common causes of accidents during snow removal, including:

  • Foggy conditions
  • Working in the evenings
  • Sleet
  • Snow
  • Cold wind
  • Wet conditions

However, a company that implements appropriate safety precautions and measures will complete your project professionally, thoroughly and safely. In the case that an accident happens, our experts are always ready for such unforeseen contingencies.

Competency and Capacity

Our experts are determined, proficient, responsive, customer-focused and well-equipped.

Resources play an essential role in shaping the capability and the outcome of the work done by our team. That’s why we have the right tools and equipment to get the job done. We empower our contractors to do a genuinely expert snow-clearing job on your properties, irrespective of the size and volume of work.

At JVR Construction Inc., we’re an ideal choice because we specialize in massive projects and areas, such as:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Streets, exit ways, entrance and roads
  • Learning institutions
  • Parking lots
  • Malls and big stores
  • Recreational spaces and parks
  • Municipality Work
  • Industrial sites


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Although it might not be easy to predict winter weather forecasts correctly, you can shield your private and business properties by having our services on standby. We’re localized, responsive and can provide a wide range of services. To learn more about our snow removal services in Edmonton and receive a quote, contact us today!

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