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COVID-19 Restrictions: A Message to Our Clients

To our esteemed customers,


We are living in unprecedented times due to this pandemic. JVR Construction is taking every measure, including implementing the Occupational Health and Government of Alberta Safety Guidelines, to ensure our workers and clients remain safe while working at their best.


We will continue to serve our current customers throughout this period and will also be open for new work and quotation requests. We are here to provide you, our valued customers, with the same quality of service that you have come to expect from us over the years. We want everyone to be as healthy as possible. We believe that by working together, we can all get through these challenging times.


Thank you and please stay safe, 

Team JVR. 

One of the Best Asphalt Companies in Edmonton

Quality paving and surface repairs are essential in making your commercial property both safe and attractive. Therefore, choosing a reliable paving and repair company that can deliver quality results is of utmost importance, and can make all the difference in your property. 


JVR Construction Inc. is one of the most trusted and experienced paving companies in Edmonton, providing excellent products and services for all of your commercial paving and repair needs. We offer both asphalt and concrete surfacing, with extra focus on quality and excellent service. If you need expert advice for your next paving or repair project, call us today for a consultation.

Edmonton Has Not Seen A Concrete Company Like This

JVR Construction is a paving company headquartered in Edmonton that can cater to all of your asphalt, concrete, and other construction needs. We have the expertise to get the job done right, whether it’s paving a residential driveway, any kind of residential paving, or even large-scale commercial paving in Edmonton.

Our paving company will provide you with a stable base upon which you can build your life. Our mission is to make our world cleaner, more robust, and more open to all.

You can trust us with all of your pavement or concrete needs in Edmonton and its surrounding areas because of our many years of professional experience and commitment.

With JVR Construction, every phase of the paving process will be completed with precision, protection, and efficiency by our trained, qualified, and fully-insured teams. From surface preparation and grading to the final placement and finishing touches, you can rest assured that your home or office space is in excellent hands.

JVR Constructions: where quality is a must!

Why Choose Us?

JVR Construction Inc. prides itself on its commitment to providing quality and client-oriented services. We understand our clients’ need for value, which is why we’re dedicated to working with them in developing effective solutions for commercial projects.


Our projects are completed in an efficient manner to give our customers the best value for their money while ensuring that projects are completed on time. We achieve this through advanced technology and a team of highly-skilled staff who will guide you throughout the project.


As a client-oriented company, JVR Construction Inc. provides support to clients through a number of ways, including:


  • Direct contact information
  • 24/7 open line of communication
  • Quick response time for queries
  • Expertise with respect to the unique needs of clients in Edmonton, Red Deer, Edmonton, and nearby areas

Parking Lots Paving

Paving a parking lot entails more than just laying down some asphalt or concrete – it involves detailed planning and expertise regarding factors such as thickness, base depth, and correct design of the paved surface, depending on weight distribution and traffic flow. Fortunately, JVR Construction Inc. has a tremendous amount of experience in parking lot paving and resurfacing to deliver quality results for you.


Our team has the knowledge, experience, and technical know-how to conduct a full assessment of your parking lot project before developing an excellent design plan that suits your needs.

Contact JVR Construction Inc.

If you need help with your next commercial pavement project, our asphalt company in Edmonton should be your top choice. At JVR Construction Inc, we’re ready to get started on your project today. 

New Parking Lot Development

If you are looking to build a new parking lot on your commercial premises, you can trust JVR Construction Inc. to deliver a customized quality plan tailor-fit to meet your needs.

Constructing a new parking lot can be overwhelming, as it requires detailed engineering, design, and material selection, which all depend on the nature and intended use of the lot. Building a quality parking lot that will provide optimal functionality over time requires consultation with seasoned industry experts.

JVR Construction Inc. has acquired expertise through many years of experience in designing and constructing new parking lots in the Edmonton area. We have worked with large and small businesses and companies, providing services that are always focused on our clients’ needs and goals. We work with you to deliver excellence, so call us today to get started on your parking lot project.

Different Types of Curbs

Do you need a curb for your commercial property? We also provide a broad range of concrete services and can handle various design specifications for clients in Edmonton and nearby areas.

Barrier Curbs

Curbs come in various shapes, which may differ from each other depending on factors such as construction cost, purpose, and preferences. Barrier curbs, also known as straight curbs, are similar to stone slabs that were initially used to prevent cars from passing right through.

Curbs for Mowers

Mower curbs have a slightly more decorative purpose than parking curbs, but they still serve as a solid, dependable, and defensive barrier between garden beds and lawnmowers. Even with mower curbs, lawnmowers can still get close enough to cut the grass evenly without harming the topsoil or the equipment because of the curb’s distinctive design. These curbs are available in a range of sizes and colors to fit the property owner’s artistic preferences as well as his or her practical needs.

Mountable Curbs

Barrier curbs are accompanied by mountable curbs. They build a slight incline in an otherwise raised curb to make it easier for automobiles to drive over them. These barriers allow pedestrians with shopping trolleys or strollers, as well as those on bikes or rollerblades, to safely cross the sidewalk.

Monolithic Curbs

To improve traction and to make it easier for large trucks to move without destroying the asphalt’s structural integrity or base, monolithic curbs are merged with the lane. Since there are no protruding corners, this style of curb allows a far seamless transition into the road than other curbs.

To improve traction and to make it easier for large trucks to move without destroying the asphalt’s structural integrity or base, monolithic curbs are merged with the lane. Since there are no protruding corners, this style of curb allows a far seamless transition into the road than other curbs.

Slanted Curbs

Slanted curbs, like mower curbs, are used primarily for decorative purposes. They don’t serve a practical function because they’re designed to adorn homes and businesses’ exteriors. Even though it’s a small detail, these styles of curbs are ideal for displaying the imagination and unique architectural taste of the estate owner(s), landscape developer, and even that of the asphalt contractor. 

Commercial Roads

Are you looking for road repair contractors near you? We can handle any size of commercial or municipal projects, thanks to our high-tech, portable asphalt plant.

Asphalt is a pavement solution that has been tried and tested by concrete companies in Edmonton and worldwide. Asphalt is also in high demand due to its longevity and resistance.

JVR Construction is one of the most efficient and innovative concrete companies in Edmonton. We provide clients  intelligently-designed and cost-effective residential driveways, as well as commercial paving in Edmonton. Our offerings are unrivaled, and our strategies are designed to facilitate win-win business partnerships.

Due to our broad range of resources, JVR Construction Inc. is an industry leader you can trust on-time project completion. Our team of experts understand that every asphalt job has its unique needs and design specifications, which we are committed to deliver.

Commercial Paving in Edmonton

Commercial paving may look a lot like residential paving, but it comes with a lot more challenges. For starters, the cost of construction or maintenance is typically higher in commercial areas than in residential areas, resulting in steeper costs for the customer and more work for the paving company.

If you’re planning to build a new commercial lot, you’ll most certainly need some professional paving services.

It’s important to know what kind of paving facilities you’ll need now and in the future, whether it’s a path to get to your place or a parking lot for customers and staff.

We are the best paving contractors in Edmonton because we can meet the needs of our customers quickly and affordably. Our customers will benefit from the financial perks that come with choosing us as their go-to paving and concrete construction service in Edmonton.

Snowed In? Call JVR Construction To Come Rescue You!

Homeowners are well aware that ice and snow could cause significant damage to a home if not fully disposed of during the winter months. During such time and even in subsequent seasons, JVR Construction provides snow removal services to keep your home clean and your lawn magnificent. To keep ramps, decks, and patios free of snow and ice, we also provide snow-blowing and snow shoveling services.

We realize how difficult it is to keep lawns dry during the winter, so JVR Construction is here to help you with your residential snow removal needs. The great news is that our crew is always ready to assist you with our top-of-the-line snow-shovelling facilities.

JVR Construction for All Your Asphalt Needs

We at JVR Construction are prepared to help if you need a parking lot, driveway, convenience store, housing estate, or any other form of outdoor space paved. Our team will meet your concrete and asphalt paving expectations while staying within your budget and schedule.

In the Edmonton region, having high-quality asphalt or reinforced concrete is particularly critical. The brutal Canadian winters can be extremely difficult on highways, parking lots, sidewalks, and other surfaces.

As one of Edmonton’s finest commercial paving companies, we believe that if you do not work with a high-quality concrete paving company in Edmonton​ or if you wait too long to upgrade or resurface your pavement, you risk getting a very poor-quality surface.

Our Philosophy

Our theory at JVR Construction is straightforward: We want to be the best in the business when it comes to paving. If you need concrete crack and enter sealing, earthworks, or asphalt paving in Edmonton, we should be your number one choice.

Our team of professionals can take on any project, regardless of size.

We believe in the adage “the customer always comes first.” This isn’t just a tired trope; it perfectly sums up our dedication as an organization.

Are you looking for class and finesse in your paving contractor in Edmonton? Contact us today!

Contact JVR Construction Inc.

To assure you that we are one of the most efficient concrete contractors in Edmonton, we will give you a warranty for our services. Client satisfaction is our top priority, which is also why we only hire skilled personnel and use high-standard material and equipment for all our projects.

Additionally, we guarantee that we will complete your project in adherence to industry standards and the distinctive requirements of your property.

If you need help with your next commercial pavement project, our asphalt company in Edmonton should be your top choice. At JVR Construction Inc, we’re ready to get started on your project today.

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Commercial Concrete and Asphalt Services

Quality paving and surface repairs for your commercial property are essential in making it both safe and attractive. An excellent paving and repair job can make all the difference to your property.

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