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Is your damaged or deteriorated concrete troubling you and are you not sure where to get help? At JVR Construction Inc., we provide the ideal concrete repair in Edmonton for all of your construction needs.

Don’t risk your life and that of your loved ones by leaving damaged concrete unattended. Seek the help of our experts who will adequately repair any damaged concrete. Our engineers will establish the cause of the damage and do whatever possible to fix it. Our years of experience and high tech approaches will ensure the durability of the concrete.

What Is Concrete Repair?

Concrete repair is the process of fixing broken concrete. It also involves the cleaning and application of sealant to protect the structure. The level of damage determines the extent of repairs. For example, cracks may only need filling with epoxy, unlike severe damage that may require resurfacing.

Before you proceed with repairs, our experts will first inspect the extent of the damage to determine the best course of action.

Why Do You Need to Repair Your Concrete?

A beautiful and polished looking area always makes a good business impression. It is therefore important that both the indoor and outdoor spaces of your commercial property look immaculate.

Broken concrete and potholes are not only unattractive, but can also be dangerous. Cracked concrete can cause accidents or pose a danger to an entire structure. For example, cracked sidewalk concrete can be dangerous to pedestrians who could experience trips or falls because of faulty walking surfaces.

Keep in mind that when a crack is left unattended, especially on sidewalks, it can turn into a pothole.

This is why it’s important to repair damaged concrete by restoring or improving existing paved surfaces to increase both attractiveness and functionality.

Repair of concrete sidewalks requires the attention of professionals such as JVR Construction Inc. who serve Edmonton-wide. Our company is committed to providing quality damage repair to protect people from injury and enhance the look and feel of your property.

Repairing surfaces also prevents moisture from seeping through cracked concrete. At JVR Construction Inc., our team understands that humidity is the number one enemy of concrete. Therefore, when you ignore any crack in your concrete, this will allow for more water to seep through, causing even more severe damage.

Don’t wait for damage to run deeper. Contact our experts today!

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When you need help with your next commercial pavement project, our asphalt company in Edmonton should be your top choice. At JVR Construction Inc, we’re ready to get started on your project today. 

What Causes Damage on Concrete?

Understanding the causes of cracks or damages on your concrete can help you protect your structure. Furthermore, it’s important to understand what can cause damage to concrete sidewalks in Edmonton, as well as how to find the best solution.

There are several causes of cracks and damages on concrete, such as:

  • Inefficient sealing or curing in lower temperatures
  • Falling of heavy objects on the concrete
  • Freezing, thawing and moisture
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Chemical or oil spills

Why Seek Expert Concrete Repair in Edmonton?

Quality service is a term that occupies the minds of those seeking concrete repair. As such, it’s essential to hire construction experts who can suggest a suitable repair plan for your concrete.

Expect a wide range of benefits from the excellent concrete repairs, such as:

  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Durable and long-lasting finish
  • Chemical resistance
  • Faster turnaround
  • Fewer odours
  • Vapour mitigation
  • Warranty

Although there is a do-it-yourself method that you can decide to use, experts don’t recommend this option. Do-it-yourself approaches are not only relatively expensive, but they’re also time-consuming. You might unknowingly make a drastic mistake, such as adding more water into the concrete while mixing. Such errors can interfere with the structure.

You should avoid repairing your concrete if you are not a professional. Also, don’t expect a simple fix when it comes to concrete repair. Every job is unique, which means you can’t use a similar method to fix all types of damages on concrete.

Our team will determine whether cracks require epoxy injection or façade re-anchoring. Unless you’re a professional, you may not know the kind of repair that your concrete demands.

Don’t think about saving money by doing a quick fix as you’ll not be able to address the root cause of the problem. Contact our experts today.

Tips for Hiring a Concrete Repair Company

Acquiring the services of the right concrete repair company is crucial to achieving desirable outcomes. Not all repair companies are qualified to perform your task. It pays to ensure your potential service provider passes certain thresholds before the engagement.

Look out for fully established companies with several years of experience in concrete repair. Also, companies with a good reputation are likely to perform their tasks well

Work safety and insurance are also essential elements to consider when choosing a company. A company that takes good care of its workers by insuring them is likely to save you from potential legal and financial risks.

At JVR Construction Inc., we can guarantee you’ll leave no boxes unchecked. We are licenced, insured and ready to help — no matter the size or scale of the task.

Repair Your Concrete With Professionals at JVR Construction Inc

Trust our professionals to do the job for you. When it comes to concrete repair, we have the right know-how and experience to handle all different types of repair. For the best results, contact our experts as soon as you notice concrete damage.

You can expect a wide range of services from our construction experts, with all flat work including:

  • Curb and gutter
  • Barrier curb 
  • Pin on curb 
  • Monolithic sidewalk
  • Loading ramps 
  • Industrial reinforced pads
  • Building floors 
  • Approaches
  • Aprons

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Seek the best concrete repair Edmonton offers to repair your dented, cracked, or deteriorating concrete today. Don’t let your concrete harm you or your loved one. Contact JVR Construction Inc. for all of your concrete repair needs today!

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