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JVR Construction & Consulting has been making things go a little more smoothly with asphalt paving services in Edmonton since 2009.

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Our asphalt services include paving, repairs, and everything you need to keep your commercial parking lot open, navigable, and safe. And in these times when it is so difficult for a company in Edmonton to stay open, every little bit helps.

As asphalt service professionals in Edmonton, we will be able to identify different types of cracks such as fatigue, edge, longitudinal and transverse. Cracks may be caused by excessive loads, faulty asphalt, or simply wear and tear and weather. Cracks can even lead to “disintegration”, the process of your asphalt breaking up and becoming aggregate.

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Complete Crack Sealing Services in Edmonton

JVR Construction & Consulting can simply fill any cracks you may have in your asphalt, but this is not usually an effective method for preventing damage to your parking lot. We also offer “blow and fill”, which involves cleaning cracks before sealing them. This is somewhat more effective but not really a solution. This amounts to having your teeth polished when you have a cavity.

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    While the professionals at JVR Construction & Consulting can install hot mix, cold mix, and other kinds, our asphalt services in Edmonton include repairs that are right for your budget and situation.

    The Asphalt Surface Paving Process

    If you are seeking excellent asphalt services, you will want to know more about the paving process before you begin. It is essential to have a basic understanding of the process before you contract a company for the task.

    cleaning away old pavement

    Removal of Existing Materials

    If an existing surface has cracks, new asphalt can repair the damage. The installation of new material starts with the removal of any old components that may not work anymore. As such, you can create a strong foundation.

    Keep in mind that successful removal requires the use of heavy machines like jackhammers, which our contractors are well-trained in operating and handling.

    asphalt paving and crack repair in edmonton

    Sub-Base Preparation

    After doing away with the old asphalt, the contractor will begin with the preparation of the sub-base, the pavement layer that enables the material to adhere to the surface. At this stage, contractors use a variety of materials to allow drainage for the construction of the sub-base. Grading is critical for ensuring the final results are excellent; the process grades the surface correctly to attain proper drainage.
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    Asphalt Installation

    After the preparation of the sub-base, the contractor can start the installation of asphalt. Installation involves mixing of wet asphalt and pouring it through a paving machine. The new asphalt needs compacting with a heavy-duty tool to make it more durable.

    When your contractor compacts the asphalt, all you need to do is to wait for the hardening. After it dries, you can start using the pavement.

    For high-quality services, hire our experienced and qualified contractors.

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    JVR Construction & Consulting has been proudly serving Edmonton since 2009, providing professional concrete and asphalt paving and repair services.

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    Commercial Concrete and Asphalt Services

    Quality paving and surface repairs for your commercial property are essential in making it both safe and attractive. An excellent paving and repair job can make all the difference to your property.

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