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We offer a great referall fee for all asphalt and concrete jobs, average commision is $5000 just for referring us the job!! This is how it works

If you know of anyone planning the following work Contact us NOW

  • Parking lot construction
  • Asphalt overlays
  • Concrete work on any industrial or commercial building or site
  • Asphalt work on any industrial or commercial building or site
  • We are capable of earth works to finished product on any parking lot size or roadways

If you notice any parking lot in the city that looks like it needs work, contact us and we will contact the people who are in charge typically the property manager and we will offer a quote and 90% of the time we close the job. Once the job is complete typically we wait 30 days for payment , once the payment arrives we offer up to 25% of our profit for referring the job. 

 Contact us today if you would like to become an affiliate and learn how to make HUGE extra cash on the side for doing NOTHING!!!!

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JVR Construction & Consulting has been proudly serving Edmonton since 2009, providing professional concrete and asphalt paving and repair services.

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Commercial Concrete and Asphalt Services

Quality paving and surface repairs for your commercial property are essential in making it both safe and attractive. An excellent paving and repair job can make all the difference to your property.

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